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  • Experience with a wide range of project types
    Multi-family projects
    Apartment buildings
    Commercial condominiums
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    Industrial properties
    Self storage facilities
    Mixed use properties
    Specialty buildings
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    Private lenders
    Specialty funds
    Pension funds
    Private equity investors
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    Long term fully amortized mortgages
    Bridge loans
    Private mortgages
    Construction loans
    Business loans
    Equity loans
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  • Reasons for Financing Failures
    Mismatch of project and funder
    Calibre of information presented
    Key items not featured
    Timing not right for the funder
    Inadequate presentation of management
    Insufficient equity
    Funder loses confidence
    Issues with the geographic region
    Problems with the property
    Financial model is too weak
    Concern about market penetration
    Instability of industry
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Strategic Consulting

We are now providing Management and IT Consulting Services. With the addition of Bruce Matichuk, M.Sc. and Randy Duguay, B.Sc. MBA we look forward to working with you in new and interesting ways. In the coming weeks we will be providing more information this and our other extended services on our website. If you would like to hear more about the Management and IT Consulting Services please call:

Bruce Matichuk, VP - (780) 964-3709.