Why Choose Sumex

Call Sumex today for assistance with financing and leasing. Our exerience, proven success, professionalism and confidentiality will provide you with the assurance that your needs will be met.


We have been assisting with financing and business management challenges since 2001 and our team has many years of senior management business


We consistently perform for our clients, large and small. Our success is built upon the cornerstones of being selective in the projects we take on


Sumex has the highest standards of competence and professionalism. Our team is also dedicated to principles of honesty, integrity, and confidentiality.

Our History

Sumex has been providing financing and management consulting solutions since 2001.  The company was initially focused on corporate finance, including M&A, LBOs, or growth through term debt, equity, leases, and mortgages.  In 2014 Sumex expanded into residential mortgages as well offering optimal rates through relationships with major national super-brokers and has continued to serve corporate financing and residential mortgage requirements since then.


Call Sumex today for assistance with corporate financing or residential mortgages. Our experience, proven success, professionalism, and confidentiality will provide you with the assurance you need to get the best financing terms and conditions possible.


The Company and Employees commit to be professional and business-like in their conduct and dealings.


The Company and its Employees agree to adhere to the highest ethical standards of business.


The Company and Employees commit to communicate frequently with each other and with customers.


The Company and Employees recognize the value of their customers and commit to exemplary, professional, ethical and responsive customer service.


Employees are committed to their families and will ensure that they are given appropriate attention and consideration at all times.


Employees are committed to their physical, mental & spiritual health.


The Company and Employees are committed to the communities they serve and will contribute their time and other resources to support worthy organizations and projects.


Employees commit to and will work actively towards the success of the Company and their fellow employees as well as their own success.


Employees commit to continual learning and self-improvement. The Company commits to provide ongoing training and otherwise encourage and assist Employees in their personal and professional development.


Employees commit to work smart and hard but at the same time recognize the value of having fun. The Company commits to encourage and facilitate an atmosphere conducive to both work and fun.


Sumex representatives shall conduct their activities with honesty, integrity and professionalism, ensuring that they are knowledgeable in the areas of financing in which they participate. Furthermore, Sumex representatives shall act in compliance with this Code of Ethics as well as sound business practices, including “Best Practices” or professional standards as established from time to time by the Board of Directors of the Corporation.


Sumex representatives shall use their best efforts to protect parties to a financing transaction and the public against fraud, misrepresentation, unethical practices or other violations of the Corporation’s Code of Ethics. Sumex representatives shall report such infractions to the Corporation.


Sumex representatives shall disclose to all appropriate parties to a financing transaction:

  • any real or perceived conflicts of interest;
  • all material information; and
  • any personal interest, direct or indirect.

Sumex representatives shall hold in strict confidence any information arising from the professional relationship concerning the business and affairs of his or her client, and shall not divulge that information unless expressly authorized by the client or required by law to do so or, as required under the section below title “Co-operation with the Corporation”.

When Sumex representative are acting for more than one party to a transaction they shall not act to the detriment of any one of the parties by withholding material information.


Sumex representatives shall endeavor to be informed regarding the law, proposed legislation, and other essential facts relevant to public policies related to the services they provide.

When a Sumex representative is unable to render service in accordance with the standards required in this Code of Ethics, they shall decline to act.

Sumex representatives shall provide timely service and respond on a timely basis to inquiries from participants in a financing transaction.


Sumex representatives shall not unfairly criticize a competitor nor refer to them in a disparaging manner.


Sumex representatives shall co-operate with any investigation (an “Investigation”) by the Corporation of their conduct or of another representative’s conduct. Co-operation may include providing access to and copies of all documents and answering all questions relevant to an Investigation, unless prevented from doing so by law.

Sumex representatives shall testify, when requested to do so by an authorized representative of the Corporation, at any hearing involving another Sumex representative under the Code of Ethics of the Corporation.

Sumex representatives shall not obstruct an Investigation, including withholding or concealing documents or information or attempting to influence the information or evidence that a potential witness might provide at any Investigation of another Sumex representative. A Sumex representative shall not submit false or misleading information to the Corporation.

It is unethical for Sumex representatives to fail to comply with the By-laws and Policies of the Corporation.


All Sumex representatives shall apply, set and maintain standards of honesty, truth, accuracy, fairness and propriety in advertising and shall comply with the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards, as established from time to time by Advertising Standards Canada.


Sumex representatives shall not, when acting in a professional capacity, discriminate or participate in discrimination against any person and shall be aware of the rights and obligations of the applicable Human Rights codes in the jurisdictions where such the Sumex representative conducts business.


Sumex representatives shall conduct their activities in full compliance with all federal, provincial and municipal laws and regulations. Conduct by a Sumex representative that results in a violation of any criminal or civil code is unethical.