Financial Management Support Service

The Financial Management Support Service (FMS) is a comprehensive corporate financial management service designed to provide small and medium sized businesses with valuable financial expertise without the expense of an “in-house” Chief Financial Officer. There are two levels of FMS Services available, depending upon your needs and circumstances.

Base FMS Service

The Base FMS Service provides a detailed FMS Monthly Report and monthly consulting time of a Sumex financial professional. A sample of the a Base-Level FMS Monthly Report could include:

* Key Success Indicators

* Common Sized Balance Sheet Analysis;

* Common Sized Income Statement Analysis;

* Capital Structure Analysis;

* Debt & Cash Adequacy Analysis;

* Liquidity Analysis;

* Return on Investment & Performance Analysis;

* Changes in Working Capital Analysis;

* Statement of Cash Flows; and

* Financial Risk Rating;

Comprehensive FMS Service

The Comprehensive FMS Service provides an enhanced Monthly Report and additional monthly consulting time of a Sumex financial management professional. The Comprehensive FMS Monthly Report can include:

* Base FMS Monthly Report, (as described above);

* Operating Budget & Variance Analysis Module;

* Proforma Balance Sheet Module.

FMS Service is provided by qualified individuals that are backed by the entire Sumex Consulting Team. The FMS Service also provides access to the Sumex Management Resource Network consisting of pre-screened professionals who are specialists in wide range of business fields.

The FMS Service is cost effective. Any one of the many benefits that may be derived from FMS Service could potentially justify many times the modest cost.

FMS Service is a No Risk Service with no set-up fee or retainer required.

Financial Management Support Process

The FMS Service process can begin at any time and will start delivering value immediately. Monthly accounting information is entered into a comprehensive analysis and reporting software application. A qualified consultant reviews the report that is generated, identifies key issues, and develops recommendations. The Consultant then reviews the report, your current and projected financial position, and the recommendations proposed with you or key members of your staff.

Financial Management Support Benefits

* Provides critical information for business decision making

* Leads to an improved bottom line

* Improves your understanding of your financial position

* Enhances your credibility with lenders and investors.