Corporate Finance Consulting

Every business faces financial challenges through the course of its evolution. Larger businesses generally have financial expertise available to them. With this expertise they are able to analyze a problem, assess alternatives and implement solutions. Without these key resources, smaller business may respond inappropriately to challenges, which will often result in excess costs, poor financial performance, inability to access financing, and possibly business failure.

What is the Corporate Finance Consulting Service?

The Corporate Finance Consulting Service can include: analyzing the your monthly financial results and position; identifying trends, problems and potential problems; advising you with respect to possible causes of such problems and potential problems and recommending action to remedy problems or prevent potential problems; assessing cost controls; assessing and anticipating your ongoing financing requirements and recommending action to address such requirements; establishing and maintaining good lender relations; assessing and reporting lender compliance; assisting in the preparation of financial and strategic plans; analyzing cost benefit, break-even and financial “what if” scenarios to support management decision making; acting as a “sounding board” for you; and assisting you increase your knowledge and understanding of corporate finance, financing and financial management.

The Sumex Corporate Finance Consultant can also attend regular and periodic meetings with management, employees and other stakeholders, as required. The consultant can assume key responsibilities, and if required can be accountable for specific functions as needs arise. The consultant can become a key member of your management team.

Corporate Finance Consulting Services Benefits

* Adds to your management team without the high cost of a full time salaried employee

* Provides key financial management expertise which results in improved business decision making

* Leads to an improved bottom line

* Improves your understanding of your financial position

* Enhances your credibility with lenders and investors