Business Financing Services – Loans, Sub-Debt, Equity and More

Businesses require financing for many purposes, including; 

* Asset Purchases

* Working Capital

* Growth Capital

* Mergers & Acquisitions

* Corporate Restructuring and Refinancing

Business Financing Service involves a methodical seven-step process designed to maximize the probability of obtaining the optimal financing: the right amount, the most favorable terms, the most reasonable cost and the best lender or investor.

Financing Types

The financing may be debt or equity and may be a combination of several investment instruments from institutional or private lenders or investors. The types of financing used to meet financing needs might include:

* Conventional Term Loans

* Operating Loans

* Revolving Lines of Credit

* Project Financing

* Factoring

* Subordinated Debt

* Venture Capital

* Angel Capital

Business Financing Service Process

Investors and lenders have many financing opportunities they are considering. They must assess applicant businesses and financing opportunities quickly to identify if they have merit and warrant further attention. They review key elements and measure them against their criteria. If your business or financing opportunity does not appear suitable for them, it is often difficult to get their attention again. You need to know what investors and lenders are looking for. You must address the strengths and weaknesses of your financing opportunity adequately. And you must understand and address the investors or lenders key concerns. To obtain financing you must be investment ready.

Investment Assessment is designed to assess your business and financing opportunity and your presentation to determine your investment readiness. Sumex then provides recommendations to you as to how to improve your readiness and enhance your prospects of financing success.

This step in the financing process involves obtaining and reviewing your financing package and supporting information, and interviewing you and possibly other key individuals. We assess your business and financing opportunity and the way they are presented, both from the perspective of how well they meet investor/lender criteria and how compelling the proposal and presentation are. We identify strengths and weaknesses, and make specific recommendations to you as to how they might be addressed and your investment readiness improved. Armed with this assessment, you can proceed to structure and develop a financing proposal with increased confidence of financing success.

There are many financing options and many ways to structure a deal. Without an appropriate structure, you may not qualify for the financing you are interested in, your terms may not be as favourable or it may take more time than necessary. For optimal financing, you need to determine the right type or combination of financing and financing structures. In challenging situations, you may also need a creative combination of types of financing and innovative structures.

Investors and lenders have many opportunities they are considering. They review financing proposals quickly looking at key elements. In most cases you have only one chance to get and keep their attention. If your proposal does not adequately tell your story, and does not appear to warrant further time, you may lose any chance you had to succeed with them. You need a proposal that is professional, compelling and complete.

Financing Proposal Development involves considering and modeling alternate financing types and structures, and in some cases alternate corporate structures. The pros and cons of each alternative are weighed, and financing types and structures are recommended. A Confidential Information Memorandum (CIM) is prepared in a format tailored for your financing opportunities. The CIM details the proposed transaction, addresses all relevant factors and provides the required supporting documentation. The CIM highlights the strengths of the proposal, explains how any weaknesses are mitigated, and conveys how your organization meets the prospective lender’s or investor’s criteria. Armed with the CIM, the financing placement process can begin.

Investors and lenders will accept proposals from anyone. However, in order to increase the likelihood of success your proposal needs to be associated with a trusted source. And the best possible investor or lender may not be accessible to you at all. For optimal financing, you need to obtain the right financing from the right investor or lender with the right terms, in an appropriate time frame. With our Financing Placement we help you succeed with your financing objectives.

Financing Placement involves: identifying and surveying prospective lenders and investors to determine the best sources of financing; presenting the proposal; and, monitoring and facilitating the information exchange process, negotiating between and communicating with the parties, and working towards a financing commitment with the best possible terms.

Business Financing Service Benefits

* Enhances the chances of the client obtaining optimal financing.

* Sumex’s knowledge of, and relationships with, lenders and investors speeds up the financing process.

* Detailed analysis provides valuable insight into the client’s present and projected circumstances and professional input to aid management in maximizing business performance and shareholder value.

* Allows management to focus on other prioritie