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Section 1

Name (Required):

Phone Number:

Email (Required):

Financing Amount Required:

Total Property Value:

Term Required:

Where will the cash flow come from to pay for the mortgage payments?:

Section 2

Use of Funds (description):

Existing Mortgage Amount:

Property Appraisal:

Location of Property

Property Type:

Size of Property and Size of Building(s):

Age and Condition of Property:

Section 3

Principals (name, address, phone number, % ownership of all partners or shareholders of borrower)

Any Bankruptcy, Foreclosures or Collection Proceedings in past on Borrower or Principal(s)?

Has an Appraisal been completed and is it available?

Has an Environment Assessment been completed and is it available?

Have financial statements for the borrower been prepared for the past two years, and are they available?

Are years to date financial statement for the borrower available?

Are Proforma Operating Statements for the borrower available?

Section 4