Why Choose Sumex

Call Sumex today for assistance with residential mortgages or corporate finance solutions for M&A, LBOs, growth financing though term debt, mortgages, or leasing. Our experience, proven success, professionalism, and confidentiality will ensure you remain confident while we secure an optimal financing solution for you.


We have been assisting with financing and business management challenges since 2001 and our team has many years of senior management business experience. Whether its assistance in preparing and presenting your financing requirements, working with you to prepare and present your business for sale, developing finance, management, marketing, operations, or IT strategies, our seasoned team can help you achieve your goals.


We consistently perform for our clients, large and small. Our success is built upon the cornerstones of being selective in the projects we take on, our knowledge and experience, our defined processes, and our wide range of solutions.


Sumex has the highest standards of competence and professionalism. Our team is also dedicated to principles of honesty, integrity, and confidentiality.